Thinking about counselling?


If you’re here, you are probably thinking about finding out more about counselling and therapy. Maybe you’re feeling lost, or facing a difficult decision in life; perhaps everything feels too much at the moment, or you’re dealing with a change that has felt too big, or too fast. It could be that for these reasons, or none at all, you are feeling depressed or anxious, overwhelmed or stuck.

Or maybe you’ve already come so far on your own with your self-growth, and would like some support to continue.

Coronavirus update: I have limited availability for taking on new clients, and am only offering online sessions for now. I will update this website with blog posts with ideas of how to cope with the anxiety, change, and uncertainty caused by the outbreak, and other resources to access at this time.

How can counselling help?

Sometimes talking to someone else can help us feel less alone, and work out what we can do to begin to move forward again. I offer a warm, non-judgemental space in which we work together to find a way through.

If you’re thinking of counselling, whether this is your first time in therapy, or a return after a break, I can provide a gentle, human experience of one-to-one counselling.

My approach – what I offer

My approach to counselling and therapy is based on the belief that everyone has the ability to grow and change. Rather than tell you what to do or offer you advice, I will sit with you and together we can explore your thoughts and feelings so that any changes come from within you. I work at a pace that suits you, and I offer a space to safely contain what you bring.

I believe that feeling truly heard and seen can be a powerful experience, and that counselling offers a type of space and way of relating with another person that we rarely get to experience in life. In this space your own inner voice and self-compassion has a chance to grow.

I have a special interest in working with self-esteemloss, change, and parenting.

Contact me

If you are interested in finding out more about what I offer, or have any questions about how counselling and therapy could work for you, please see the contact me page.