Are you thinking about counselling or therapy? Wondering how it might help?

Talking to someone else could help you feel less alone, and if stuck or overwhelmed may help you work out what you can do to begin to move forward again. It can give you a space to talk about old, complicated, or uncomfortable feelings without judgement, and help you make sense of or accept them more easily.

How I work


Anna Gray

In private practice since 2018, offering person-centred counselling and Focusing-oriented therapy to adults via video online, walk and talk, and in person in North West London.

I believe that feeling truly heard and seen can be a powerful experience, and that counselling offers a type of space and way of relating with another person that we rarely get to experience in life. In this space your own inner voice and self-compassion can grow.

I offer a gentle ‘being with’ and acceptance – I won’t tell you how you feel, or what you should do. Instead I will support you to tune into yourself and find your own answers.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

Carl Rogers

How I work

My approach is based on the belief that everyone has the ability to grow, change, and adapt. Rather than tell you what to do or offer you advice, I will sit with you and together we can explore your thoughts and feelings so that any changes come from within you. I work at a pace that suits you, and I offer a space to safely contain what you bring.

I work within the person-centred approach, trusting the client to be their own best expert and offering my acceptance, non-judgement, and authenticity.

I also incorporate aspects of Focusing-oriented therapy, bringing awareness to the body and the still-forming sense of what can’t quite yet be put into words.

I can help with grounding, self-regulation, and finding a way to be with difficult feelings in a less overwhelming way. I do not offer trauma-specific therapies but I do work in a trauma-aware and trauma-safe way.

I have a special interest in working with loss, change and finding oneself again, and also have several years of experience of working with bereavement, and with domestic abuse. I can work with life changes, loss, feeling stuck, work issues, depression, stress, relationship issues, parenting, abuse, old emotional pain, self-development and growth.

I welcome neurodiversity, including autistic clients (adults only).


Open-ended therapy

One session at a time, or over several months, this is a chance to be with, talk about and explore everything and anything. Find yourself, make sense of the past, shift your perspective.

Issue-specific counselling

Is there some relationship at home or work that you need support with? Or one specific issue you’d like to talk about? Have a short (or long) block of sessions to work it all out.


Connect to your own inner knowing and felt-sensing with gentleness and curiosity, and new understanding may emerge.

  • Guided focusing session
  • Learn to focus, find out more about the process 1:1 over several sessions (includes some short guided focusing sessions)

Free 30-minute phone consultation

If you would like to find out more about how I work and whether it might be right for you, please email to arrange a free 30-minute phone consultation.