About me

Hello. I’m Anna Gray, and I’m passionate about how counselling can help people feel less isolated, and empower them to find their own answers. I work with adults of all ages, with a special focus on those who are feeling lost or whose needs have got overlooked in life. 

I believe that everyone has feelings that matter, whatever masks they wear or however other people see them. We all face challenges in our work, study, and relationships, and moments of crisis can bring up old emotional pain, self-doubt, or feeling like the odd-one out.

I know from my own experience how transformative it can be to have someone truly see you, truly hear you. I work in a person-centred way because I believe in the uniqueness of every client I see; I believe that my understanding, non-judgemental acceptance, and compassion all help provide the time and space my clients need.

If you would like to reconnect with who you are, develop self-acceptance and confidence, or work through a particular issue with someone calm and understanding, I hope you’ll consider working with me.

Areas of special interest

  • I can work with life changes, loss, bereavement, trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, identity issues, old emotional pain, relationships, parenting, building confidence and self-development.
  • I have several years counselling experience working with bereavements and loss within a bereavement charity, and also have more recent experience of working with a women’s charity in the field of trauma and domestic abuse.
  • In addition to my core training as a person-centred counsellor, I am also a certified focusing-oriented therapist. I have an interest in working with an awareness of the body, and I work with listening to it and the still-forming sense of what cannot yet be put into words.
  • I used to be a teacher and am well attuned to the particular challenges of working within education.


I value diversity – of background, sexuality, gender, ways of thinking, being, and living. I am from a diverse (mixed) background and have some understanding of South East Asian culture. I welcome all ethnic and religious groups, neurodivergent clients, and LGBQT+ clients. I acknowledge my differences to and with my clients, and constantly strive to learn and understand.

I respect client autonomy.

Throughout my working life my focus has been on compassion, collaboration, and the importance of listening to, and understanding, each other.

Qualifications and credentials

  • Certified Focusing Professional, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, The International Focusing Institute
  • Certificate in Focusing Skills, British Focusing Association 
  • Diploma and Certificate in Person-centred Counselling, City Lit, London 
  • MA University of London and B.Ed Cambridge University
  • Registered member of the BACP (MBACP). I abide by BACP ethical guidelines, and I attend regular supervision and ongoing professional development to ensure my work is of a high standard.